Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Baby Grant

My vacation took an unexpected turn on the way home. My youngest sister, Lindsay, had her first baby on Monday, so I decided to stop over and see her and Baby Grant in Twin Falls on the way back to Boise. Good thing I had left the other car there so Mark could continue on with the kids. Lindsay ended up having some complications and was rushed in for surgery to stop her bleeding a few hours after I got there. I ended up staying part of the night in ICU with Linds so Brandon could go and get some sleep.
Luckily by Wednesday morning mother and baby were doing much better and I headed on home that afternoon.
Mom flew into Boise the next night, so Mark and I drove her to Jerome on Friday night. I was happy to get another chance to snuggle this little cutie:

Congrats Brandon and Lindsay! We're in love with him already and we're so glad we live close enough to watch him grow up.


Michelle Burk said...

Beautiful pictures! So glad it worked out that you could be with your sister. What a blessing.

Amy said...

Cute baby! 'Glad they're doing well. You're family picture is beautiful!!

JasonDebbie said...

Totally looks like Lindsay!