Friday, July 16, 2010

Trek Pictures

After sorting through over 1600 (!) pictures that my friends Chris and Emilee took on Trek, here are some of my favorites of our family.

Getting ready to set out (can't you just feel the excitement?)
I did get a lot of flack for bringing along this luggage!

Our new family...the best kids on the Trek.

McKenzie's family

Climbing "Rocky Ridge"

Coming down another tough hill.
Camping the first night.

Mallory's huge skirt

Mark with our good friends Roman Burk and Steve (Bishop) Packer

We were glad Kenzie was able to walk the second day after feeling sick and riding the whole first day.

Woman's Pull

Top of the hill on the Mormon Battalion hike.

The last leg heading into Zion.

Coming soon: Girl's Camp! (The fun just never ends in YW)


Chelsea said...

Pretty sure I love everything about these pictures. I have so many comments about them... between your sweet hair, Kenz apparently being the teenage mother, and how I DIED laughing when I saw the first picture, I thoroughly enjoyed them. Looks like a good time was had by all!

Julie and Kyle said...


Alisa said...

Wow- you have had a super busy summer! I'm glad you had a good experience on Trek!

Kimberlee said...

lov'em tiff, especially the very first one...He He He. So proud of you, and I loved hearing all the details with Em!

Rachele said...

Looks like a GREAT time. I want to go on a pioneer trek so bad! I am jealous of you!