Sunday, July 11, 2010

Vacation: Part 2

This is the second year we've been in Mark's hometown of Shelley for the 4th of July. His oldest brother Steven always has a big BBQ where the kids can swim and play.
(Mark and his 3rd brother, David)

Just hanging around

Bounce house and texting...what more could a teenager ask for?

Later that night and on Sunday we had fun at David and Linda's house (the same house Mark grew up in.)

The kids improved their mad badmitton skills,

got all sticky with cotton candy,

played on the swingset,

and raced around in a game of freeze tag with all the cousins.

Of course there were sparklers,

lots of fireworks,

and a big family picture.

The weekend was all topped off with an 80th birthday bash for Mark's dad.

Thank you, Ann, for organizing such a fun family weekend.

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Michelle Burk said...

Tiff, you're pictures just keep getting better and better!! Love it! The sparkler one is awesome! Looks like a great weekend.